Welcome to UTS Motorsports Electric!

We are a team of passionate racing and engineering enthusiasts from the
University of Technology Sydney, who every year design and manufacture our own
Formula SAE car and compete against other universities both on and off track.

The Team

UTS Motorsports Electric is a UTS student-based team that designs and manufactures an open-wheeled Formula SAE race car.

Here at UTS ME, our primary goal is to facilitate the growth of our student body both in character and in terms of profession-ready skills.  

Headed to scruitineering

The Competition

Annually, UTS Motorsports Electric attends both the Formula SAE-A and FS-Sydney competitions. Up against 34 teams from Australia and New Zealand, we compete in various dynamic and static events.   


A big factor that contributed to our change in vehicle types from Internal Combustion to Electrical is to do our part in making a sustainable future. More specifically as a Formula Student team, we aim to develop a consumer appetite in sustainable electric vehicle racing.

In alignment with the University of Technology Sydney’s environmentally conscious goals, our team prides itself on sourcing materials from sustainability-conscious suppliers.

Join Us

We are looking for dedicated students across a number of UTS faculties who love to learn, to join our team!You will collaborate with the team daily and there’s no experience necessary as you will be trained on tasks as you go.