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Car History

All of our cars are designed by students and manufactured in-house where possible, with the assistance of the UTS Machine Shop and our generous sponsors. Each year we endeavour to enter a new vehicle into the Competition, redesigning and optimising designs from previous years and beginning a new manufacturing process. Our cars are designed to meet technical and safety specifications and rules set by the Competition, and our team members are responsible for managing a budget to purchase materials and parts.

Electric vehicles

UTSME17: Amber

UTSME17: Amber,  our third electric vehicle, achieved 2nd place in the Formula SAE Australasia EV. Overall result: 2nd out of 9 participants.

UTSME16: Rosy

UTSME16: Rosy was our second electric vehicle, which achieved first place in the Efficiency category. Overall result: 11th out of 32 participants. Awards: 1st place Efficiency Event Power 35kW (@ 6000 rpm) Torque 60 Nm [...]

UTSME15: Juliet

UTSME15: Juliet was our team's first ever electric vehicle. Overall result: 24th out of 30 participants. Power 70kW (@ 7000 rpm) Torque 120 Nm (@ 0 rpm) 0 – 100 kph 3.8s Cornering [...]

Combustion vehicles

UTSM13: Stella

UTSM13: Stella was the last combustion vehicle our team manufactured, achieving a top 10 finish at the 2013 Competition. Overall result: 9th from 21 particpants Weight (kg) 210 Wheelbase (mm) 1560 Track (f/r) [...]

UTSM12: Florence

In 2012, we redesigned and optimised our 2011 vehicle and competed as a second-year car entry. Overall result: 8th from 21 participants

UTSM11: Florence

Result: 17th from 23 participants Weight (kg) 230 Wheelbase (mm) 1560 Track (f/r) 1200/1180 Weight Distribution (f/r) 50/50 Engine Yamaha R6 Engine ECU Motec M400 Cooling System Aluminium radiator Electric water pump Standard [...]


Overall Result: 21st from 24 participants Endurance: DNF Autocross: 20th Acceleration: DNF Skidpan: DNF Cost: 14th Presentation: 19th Design: 20th


Overall Result: 20th from 21 participants Endurance: 11th Autocross: 20th Acceleration: DNF Skidpan: DNF Cost: 20th Presentation: 20th Design: 20th


Overall Result: 12th from 18 participants Endurance: 12th Autocross: DNF Acceleration: DNF Skidpan: DNF Fuel: 10th Cost: 12th Presentation: 15th Design: 15th