About the Competition

One of the major competitions we attend each year is that of Formula SAE. It is an international design and engineering competition, run by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Originating in the United States over 20 years ago, F-SAE has since spread to Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK. The Australasian competition is held annually in December across four days and is usually held at Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria. Teams participate in a series of static and dynamic events, which judge vehicle performance, engineering design, costing, business model and project management.

Along with the judged events, teams are also involved in all areas of the track experience including registration, pit set up and safety and technical inspections. The awards event and design review at the conclusion of the competition also provides the opportunity to receive constructive feedback and network with officials and other teams.

Beyond that we also attend FS-Sydney annually.

For more information about the Formula SAE competition or the Society of Automotive Engineers, please visit http://www.saea.com.au/

For more information about FS-Sydney, please visit: https://www.fs-sydney.com.au/


  • Engineering Design (150 points):
    • Teams justify every decision made in the design, manufacture and testing of the vehicle to a panel of judges
  • Cost Analysis (100 points):
    • Teams produce a cost report, analysing the cost of manufacture and assembly of the vehicle, while also being assessed on their ability to respond to a ‘real world’ cost cutting scenario.
  • Business Presentation (75 points):
    • Teams must pitch their concept to a fictional corporation with the aim of having their vehicle mass-produced and marketed.
  • Endurance (325 points):
    • Aimed at testing the reliability and performance of a vehicle, taken over approximately 22km worth of Autocross laps
  • Efficiency (100 points):
    • A measure of how much energy a vehicle consumes, in relation to the lap times achieved.
  • Autocross (100 points):
    • A one-lap time trial of the track, which aims to test the outright handling and performance of a vehicle.
  • Skidpad (75 points):
    • A set of constant radius turns, designed to measure vehicle cornering ability.
  • Acceleration (75 Points):
    • A 75m straight line acceleration trial, testing raw vehicle power.

FSAE-A 2019 Acceleration Test