As restrictions on public, face-to-face gatherings are being gradually lifted, it’s been important for teams around the world to consider how they can begin collaborating in person once again. With some exciting important milestones for the team just around the corner, the opportunity to work together face-to-face is an exciting one we are grateful to have. 

However, with this exciting opportunity comes the obvious challenge of creating a balance between a workspace that is both functional and COVID safe for everyone. Through careful consideration and a range of initiatives implemented in recent times, we are now able to work together in-person safely without the restrictions that online collaboration can often impose.   

Our virtual workshop tour

You may have seen on our social media that we recently completed an enormous clean of our entire workshop, one of the most important shared spaces for our team. This area is now more spacious to make social distancing easier for those inside the workshop and will continue to be cleaned regularly to maintain a good standard of hygiene. Our team leader, Dion Owen, is also managing how many people are using the workshop at a time to ensure the space does not become overcrowded for the purpose of social distancing and general safety. 

Our Team Breakdown Structure (TBS) has also been invaluable in keeping our team safe when collaborating in person. This resource features a roster accessible to every team member, which really helps in ensuring an appropriate number of people are using our workshop and other spaces at any given time. Along with this, our TBS allows every team member to view all our current projects, deadlines, and other important information, which keeps the entire team constantly and safely informed. We do think, however, it is still important for us to interact in-person, which is why our weekly team meetings are now held face-to-face in a larger area to allow for adequate social distancing. 

So, with our new and improved measures in place, we’re excited to begin working face-to-face again. We’re incredibly grateful to all our wonderful sponsors and everyone in the team for their support and perseverance during this time and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for all of us. 

Emily James – Media Assistant

Dion Owens – Team Leader