We certainly don’t have to tell you that this isn’t how any of us expected this year to turn out. 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us are studying, working and ultimately living very differently to how we imagined we would be even a month ago. This also means that we aren’t doing the work we typically would be around this time of year, particularly practical work on campus. This is all in order to do our bit to implement social distancing and limit the spread of the virus. Whilst these are disappointing times in which we’d rather spend in the workshop wrenching away and social events with our team, we’re working through it, just like all of you are.

But we haven’t gone through the year without any successes

In January, UTS Motorsports Electric was ranked 33rd out of 201 teams in the Formula Student Electric world ranking list, 18 positions higher than we did in last year’s ranking. We participated in FS-Sydney 2020, achieving 2nd for the sponsorship proposal event and the best Instagram coverage award. Our very generous sponsors, Lenovo and Altair have provided us with great resources that we have put to great use. We got to meet some of you passionate people in person at our O-Day stall. And we’ve still got a major and very exciting goal to work towards: the Formula SAE-A Comp in December.

Our very first Zoom team meeting

And yet despite the setbacks we’ve experienced in recent times, we’re working as hard as ever. We’re still brainstorming, planning, creating and collaborating (check out one of our Zoom meetings above) just as often as we normally would in order to work towards the Formula SAE-A Comp in December. With the ability to transition the majority of our work to online platforms, we’re still on track to achieve the goals we set out for our team at the start of the year. We’ll just be taking a different approach and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on.

So, thank you to all our sponsors, faculty advisors, and supporters for sticking with us during such a turbulent and challenging time. You can check out updates on our progress and other news relating to the team on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. And make sure so stick with us, because we’ll still be here, working as hard as we were before – ready for our best year yet.

Emily James – Media Assistant

Dion Owen – Team Leader